With the expansive use of technology and with the advent of automation, we have the opportunity to make human lives easier. Like many spheres of our professional realms, we are now all set to reap the benefits by automating PR as well.


Yes, you read it right; InstaaPR has created enough ripples in the industry. It is a proven concept which is rapid, efficient, economic, and highly regarded as a boon to the industry which aids in Instant Publishing options at the click of your mouse.


InstaaPR is a premium automated digital & social news publishing platform, where we revolutionize the way PR functions. We provide you with an effective and efficient online reach to increase your online presence.


InstaaPR is an interface that provides users with a window to upload their PR content. Users will instantly get multiple publishing options to choose from while having the option to publish the same on a real-time basis. With digital platforms taking the world by a storm, digital marketing being the reigning ruler and traditional marketing methods taking a back seat, no organization can think of existing in the fiercely competitive market without making its presence felt in the digital world.


InstaaPR would be a one-stop solution for professionals, digital marketers, enterprises and budding entrepreneurs to publish their contents seamlessly.


We help enterprises garner increased visibility in the digital sphere. With maximum reach and penetration in online media, in all major search engines and in social media portals, this system makes you a clear winner with higher mileage in terms of reach and visibility. The biggest USP here is that you do not have to spend a fortune carving a niche for yourself. We facilitate you to do it in the most cost-effective manner possible.


We ensure successful implementation of digital campaigns where you can get better traffic, higher conversions and the targeted ROI and that too without hurting your pockets much. The process lets you take charge of your digital campaigns and get quicker feedback on the effectiveness of the campaigns. It helps in targeting the contents to the apt audience thereby reducing redundancy and making the process faster. This also helps in weeding out the bottlenecks, fetching results and increasing the revenue in a methodical way that is inexpensive and fast. We ultimately enables enterprises in building a positive Brand image that is sustainable.


If I had one dollar left, I had spend it on
public relations.

- Bill Gates,
(Business Leader)