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September 30, 2022


With its innovative online and blended learning solutions, Taksha Smart labz, an online education project from the Texila American University Consortium, is currently assisting 40,000 active learners in staying ahead of their career curve.

Cutting-edge technology enables the expert panel of faculties to create and effectively deliver a range of career-oriented educational programs to students and working professionals. Moreover, the learning process ensures convenience and affordability as they can be pursued from anywhere and at any time.

Taksha Smart labz, one of the '20 Most Promising Start-ups of 2021' according to Business Connect India, offers internationally accredited programs in business management, cloud computing, and online coding to achieve academic goals and career success. Two of the most outstanding components of Taksha's programs are skill development and preparation for the final year school examinations in South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, and the Caribbean region.

Programs Offered by Taksha Smart labz

Taksha's business programs are ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) compliant and are delivered by a faculty member with an international teaching credential and practical experience. The comprehensive curriculum hones leadership skills and ethical and entrepreneurial competencies. In addition to a strong professional network to interact with peers and alumni, the program provides lifetime learning and career guidance.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Accredited by the Board of Commissioners of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), the one-year program equips students with the tools and analytical frameworks necessary to master top management skills. The program covers business entrepreneurship, management philosophies, and leadership skills. It features lectures, guest speakers, internship counselling, corporate visits, and self-assessment exercises. The MBA program is also accredited by CHEA—Council for Higher Education and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Numerous world-wide academic collaborations contribute to the exceptional quality of the DBA program. Students benefit from strong support from tutors and international visiting professors. The degree, which lasts for four semesters, helps the students gain practical skills, business strategy knowledge, and managerial practices.

Online Coding

As engagement with technology increases, there is a need for tech-savvy employees—the reason why coding has become a crucial part of modern education. Educational institutions are introducing coding much earlier in the academic journey, and Taksha Smart labz catches them young.

The online coding program helps students master their programming skills through an enjoyable and balanced program curriculum. This includes after-class practice that sets the aspirants on a journey of self-exploration. And, as the program progresses, expert tutors' step in to help them keep pace with the learning.

Some distinct features that the aspirants can get benefitted from include 24*7 access to mentors and extended access to the program even after course completion. The lessons are self-paced, and the aspirants will also have the flexibility to learn from anywhere, anytime through live sessions and projects.

Their offerings do not stop there. Taksha holds national and international-level coding competitions for students to showcase their programming skills and to foster teamwork, creativity, and innovation.

At the end of the program, all aspirants will be provided with a professional certification.

Test Preparation

Because the senior year of high school is the gateway to a bright future, their test preparation program is jam-packed with learning, assignments, projects, exams, and more. Yes, the final year can be hectic and stressful. However, with better organization feasible schedules and revision strategies students can overcome all the challenges in their final months of high school.

Taksha Smart labz offers a smart, quick, and reliable means to revise and prepare students to sit for the final examination with confidence. In addition to topic-by-topic revisions, students are given access to a vast database of practise problems in the curriculum-specific areas of English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

Taksha's team of highly competent tutors, well-versed in the various curriculums of the region, lends strong support to students preparing for South Africa's UMALUSI examinations, Nigeria's WASSCE, Zambia's ECZ, and the Caribbean region's CSEC examinations.

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Skill Development

Taksha Smart labz offers certificate programs that improve soft skills, boost confidence, increase earning potential, and most importantly, aid in gaining a competitive advantage.

While courses in business and management help build leadership and managerial competencies, short-term public health programs such as biostatistics, environmental health, and public health administration boost students' career potential.

Taksha provides training in a wide range of soft skills that contribute to both interpersonal and professional development. In the workplace, soft skills complement the hard skills of an individual, thereby enhancing his/her relationships, performance in the workplace, and career prospects.

For medical professionals, building expertise in medical specialties through certificate courses ensures competency, builds confidence, and validates speciality knowledge in the healthcare domain.

Certificate courses in nursing sharpen not only professional skills but also the sense of compassion and sensitivity in every environment, such as community health clinics, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, as well as disaster relief sites.

Leading Collaborations

Taksha Smart labz has partnered with Central University of Nicaragua (UCN), the Swiss School of Management (SSM) and UCAM to further its commitment to ensure high quality university education. Through students' and professors' exchange programs and exposure to international curriculum, Taksha ensures its students gain rich global experience.

UCN offers bachelors-to-doctoral level programs and collaborates with institutions of higher learning in areas of scientific research.

SSM is much more than a business school. It imbibes leadership skills and introduces students to best practices in business management.

Headquartered in Spain, UCAM has 16,000 students and around 1,000 professors.

Taksha Smart labz has several years of experience in delivering top-notch distance and blended learning programs that are affordable for everyone. Taksha's programs are flexible, which lets the aspirants combine their studies with work or other commitments.


About Taksha Smart labz

Taksha Smart labz, the online degree solution, is here to empower the next generation of students through its professionally created, SME-tested distance and blended learning programs. Combining the winning combination of vetted faculties and a unique, tech-based method of learning, Taksha is redefining higher education. 

Taksha Smart labz 

Sep 30, 2022

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