Inspired by Nature and Perfected by Engineering: Introducing Stonelam's Innovative Architectural Materials

June 8, 2023


Stonelam, the market leader in India for 3mm thin slabs in facades and interiors, is revolutionizing the architectural materials industry. With its cutting-edge 3mm thin porcelain slabs, Stonelam offers a distinct and unique solution for exterior facade cladding in a wide range of buildings, including hotels, commercial spaces, residential complexes, and hospitality establishments. 

Stonelam recognizes that architecture and interior design encompass more than just hardware; it is the cohesive blend of practicality and aesthetics that truly brings a space together. Leveraging emerging technologies such as IoT, connectivity, and accessibility, the brand delivers innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers. 

According to Mr. Sushant Pathak, Chief Marketing Officer of Stonex Group “the architectural landscape has undergone significant transformation since the onset of the pandemic. The focus today lies in achieving aesthetic appeal through a minimalist approach, with automation and smart home technologies gaining prominence. Customers are increasingly aware of the limitations posed by materials such as ACP, paint, and HPL, which are prone to scratching, fading, and fire and water damage. Stonelam serves as a superior alternative to these hazardous materials. For example, their 12mm variant is renowned globally as the premier choice for kitchen countertops, offering the most hygienic surfaces. These slabs are resistant to the growth of algae, fungi, mold, and bacteria. Additionally, they exhibit remarkable resistance to thermal shock, enabling direct placement of hot vessels on the slab without any concerns.”

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  • InspiredInspired by Nature and Perfected by Engineering: Introducing Stonelam's Innovative Architectural Materials


The Hyderabad/Telangana region stands as one of the largest markets for Stonelam in the country. Several factors support this claim, including the rapid growth of high-end residences, A-grade office spaces (especially in the IT sector), and residential/commercial apartments. Moreover, the construction of seven new airports and an aggressive railway modernization program contribute to the region's potential. The healthcare industry is also witnessing promising growth, with a rising number of high-quality hospital developments. In the previous year, the AP/Telangana region accounted for over 5% of Stonelam's business, and this figure is expected to reach an impressive 8-10% in the current financial year. 

Mr. Sandeep Bagade, CEO of Stonelam, expressed his optimism regarding the region's growth. “The government-led infrastructure initiatives have resulted in massive growth and rapid urbanization, leading to transformative changes in building design and aesthetics. Keeping this in mind, Stonelam's growth in the region appears exceedingly promising. With the surge in real estate and infrastructural development, the brand aims to achieve a business turnover of Rs. 18-20 crore from this region in the financial year 2023-24.” 

Stonelam's notable projects in this region include collaborations with Sattva Developers, KIMS Hospitals, Tech Mahindra IT Park, Megha Engineering, Mantri Group, as well as numerous high-net-worth individuals. The brand's surfaces draw inspiration from nature, aiming to redefine spaces with effortless elegance and charm. Sourced from Laminam SpA in Italy, these slabs have the power to completely transform the appearance of buildings. 

With a broad portfolio of products, Stonelam has established a robust distribution network in the market. Additionally, the brand has partnered with major kitchen original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the production of kitchen shutters. Recently, Stonelam introduced a 5mm variant to its range, catering to various applications such as walls, flooring, utility areas, balconies, and external spandrel areas.  

As on May 2023 , Stonelam has a Pan India presence with partners across 200+ locations and warehouses in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore to cater to the partner requirements. It also has experience centres at 20+ locations where the customers can touch and feel the products.


June 08, 2023

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