Instaa PR platform is an absolute delight to work on and a game changer for the digital marketing agencies as it broadens their scope of operation. Any digital marketing campaign with techniques like the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Keywords marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Search engine marketing (SEM), Search Content Marketing (SCM) etc are target driven methods but they take their share of time till the clients get to see their booming bottom line.


Instaa PR has an edge over conventional methods as it designs a cost-effective and compelling strategy which enables clients to see results instantly. We help you connect with the right audience, engage with your potential customers and get a higher rate of conversion.


At Instaa PR, we follow tested, proven and effective steps towards achieving instant results!

  • At InstaaPR, we extend to you an interface through which you can publish stories about yourself, stories of your brand, discuss the services you render, boast about your collaborations and your esteemed clientele, convey positive stakeholders relations instantly. So, you can sit back and enjoy the wide reach that you have envisaged.

  • We emphasize on the fact that choosing the right channel for content distribution is of primary importance. Thus, InstaaPR offers diverse distribution channels for your stories like - Digital Publishing, Websites, News Portals, Video Publishing, and Native Content Publishing. It thereby ensures that your contents reach the right kind of audience.

  • We also enable you to tag and boost your Social Media Pages, publish landing pages, repurpose content, and publish videos. This helps in gaining you prominence in social media, thereby increasing your follower base. It promotes your brand and its offerings, results in better lead generation and better conversions. Your best contents become evergreen and we help you to convert those contents into assets of the company so you can keep getting more traffic time and again.

  • So, give us the opportunity and let us do the talking on your behalf, let us tell the world who you are. Let the world know how you can touch their lives, let us be your mouthpiece. You can trust us for creating a buzz around

  • InstaaPR has designed various packages that are value-added and budget friendly. Without even thinking twice you can simply use this versatile platform to promote, communicate and engage with your target audience not only in India but also in International markets.


Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.

- Richard Branson,
(Business Leader)