InstaaPR has the first mover’s advantage when it comes to automated PR. Today, we are widely acclaimed as the pioneer in automated digital and social news publishing platform. Our fundamental collaboration with the end users is at four levels. We address the following 4 as our building blocks or the four pillars of our operations-


Enterprise – Professionals who are into corporate communications, marketing communications or the PR directors can use our platform for their digital campaigns worldwide. Our Unique Selling Proposition lies in the fact that we are affiliated with the leading newswires and news agencies globally which gives us the wide inside scope of better circulation and readership.


Marketing Agency Partners - Partners use our platform for publishing stories and narratives from multiple clients and get them noticed by the external world. Thus, you get the opportunity to get noticed by both media and information seekers.


Professionals - They use our platform to promote their products and services. We give them the reach and penetration that they aim at, we design and customise strategies for them depending on what and how they wish to promote.


Publishing Partner – Partners who are looking for interesting and captivating stories can subscribe to our publishing partner program and get access to contents that can give them the audience, engagement and the ROI that they intend to get.


Pull Traffic - We help you in building traffic. Content is the king in today’s world, nothing works without interesting and informative content. Millions of users globally are searching for contents that are apt to their needs. Thus, it is imperative that alongside the website, enriching contents should be made available to the audience through online press releases. These act as an interface between the companies and the end users. It provides necessary information and invariably helps in brand building activities and creating a loyal customer base.


Repurpose Stories into your Pitch - Let your best content be your asset, let it boost your presence even more. It is always a good initiative to capitalize on the contents that have proved to be a gainer. We can use it for better reach and engagement. An added benefit here would be through InstaaPR’s Social Media Push, you can now connect with prospects and customers easily.


Reference News Room - We would keep all your stories archived in a folder which can act as a ready reference for future. This would be highly beneficial and time-saving while optimising search engine as stories can be used as backlinks.


People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

- Seth Godin,
(Best Selling Author)