WhatsApp of Healthcare

July 7, 2018

DocsApp is the leading online doctor consultation platform that connects patients to specialist doctors in less than 30 minutes through chat or call. The mobile and web based platform offers seamless and high-quality doctor consultations on the go. In addition to that, it also allows the users to buy medicines and book lab tests from the comfort of their home.  DocsApp makes high quality healthcare accessible to the Indian masses for primary healthcare, second opinion in chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac ailments, arthritis and cancer, and other health related concerns.
Launched in July 2015, DocsApp is the brainchild of IIT Madras alumni Satish Kannan and Enbasekar D. In 2013, when the duo began working on the concept, they realized that 72% health issues can be handled by remote doctor intervention, and diagnosed and treated online. They leveraged the  opportunity to bring in the ‘WhatsApp of Healthcare’ by drawing up four primary target audience clusters:

  1. People who are looking for convenience- Busy people who would want to consult a doctor while travelling from home to work.
  2. People who want privacy to consult doctor for their sexology, dermatology, gynecology and psychiatry related health concerns- A person suffering from depression wouldn't want to confront a counselor face to face and also keep his identity private. It allows the user to consult a doctor while maintaining their privacy. As face to face consultation is not preferred by many patients in sensitive cases, DocsApp gives them easy access to doctors and makes it convenient for them to prioritize their health and privacy simultaneously.
  3. People without access to quality healthcare- People residing in the semi-urban and rural parts of India who do not have access to specialist doctors can talk to a specialist within minutes on DocsApp.
  4. People who want expert advice and second opinions on various health conditions- an early consultation for fungal infections can prevent them from spreading and causing other health related problems.
Today, DocsApp provides specialists’ services for all age groups in over 19 specialties such as dermatology, gynaecology, sexology, paediatrics, general medicine, psychiatry, weight management etc.
The DocsApp Edge
  • Transparent, tech-enabled,Round-the-clock and multi-language service
  • Over 3000 Doctors available for consultation online
  • Services across India reaching out to over 3.5 million patients
  • Over 3,000 pathlabs within patients’ reach with DocsApp
  • Assistance 360°: 24x7 Doctors availability, medicine support and sample collection at home
  • Conforms to WHO’s 3As - Availability, Affordability & Accessibility
Patients across India can avail consultation from specialists via chat or call through DocsApp. Given the shortage of doctors and with around 97% specialists practicing in the metropolitan cities, DocsApp helps bridge the gap between Indian people and specialist doctors. All DocsApp doctors are verified thoroughly with 3 step verification process and have 5+ years of experience.
Bangalore-based, DocsApp began with a team of 6 and today, has the strength of over 150+ people. DocsApp is the only ISO Certified, 24x7 online doctor consultation app available across India. Since its inception in 2015, the app has acquired an user base of over 3.5 million customers and provides 75,000+ consultations per month.

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How does DocsApp work:
Step 1: Download DocsApp or log on to www.docsapp.in
Step 2: Enter patient details and choose specialty.
Step 3:  Answer relevant questions asked by the Doctor’s Assistant.
Step 4: Doctor will be assigned to you based on your chosen specialty.
Step 4: Pay a nominal fee to the doctor.
Step 5:  Get consultation with specialist doctor in less than 30 minutes.
Investments: DocsApp has raised $8.4 million till now from Bessemer Venture Partners, Rebright Partners, Techmatrix Corporation, DeNA Networks and Facebook’s angel investors, Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan, GSF Accelerator, IIT-M Incubation Center and other top angels like Vijay Shekhar Sharma(Paytm), Anupam Mittal (Shaadi.com), Rajesh Sawhney(GSF), Srikanth Sundararajan (Helion), the platform aims to grow its the user base to 5 million patients by the end of 2018. It is going strong in its vision of making world-class, high-quality healthcare accessible to the masses in the country by building technological solutions that can assist doctors in providing seamless consultations and disease diagnosis.
Achievements: DocsApp founders Satish and Enbasekar were featured in Forbes Asia 30 under 30 2017 list and Forbes India 30 under 30, 2018 list. DocsApp has been ranked as the #1 doctor consultation app in India, in the medical category on Google Playstore consistently for more than 18 months. DocsApp received the ‘App of the year 2017’ in the medical category, by Amazon in association with Facebook and has been a part of the Make In India Summit and the telemedicine society of India.


WhatsApp of Healthcare docspp sexology dermatology gynecology and psychiatry IIT Madras alumni Satish Kannan Enbasekar D primary healthcare second opinion 19 specialties Transparent tech-enabled



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