National Nutrition Month: Protein Report Card Launched by Right To Protein

Answering the Government of India’s call on adopting nutrition report cards, Right To Protein introduces an exclusive ‘Protein Report Card’ for Indian citizens to self-assess and improve their nutritional intake.

September 15, 2020

Answering the Government of India’s call on adopting nutrition report cards, Right To Protein, a nationwide public health awareness initiative, launched an exclusive ‘Protein Report Card’ for Indian citizens to self-assess and improve their nutritional intake. This Protein Report Card is designed to help people understand if their protein consumption is adequate or requires immediate intervention. People looking to receive their own Protein Report Card this nutrition month can log-on to the freely available Protein-O-Meter (Protein calculator tool) and access their customized Protein Report Card. The launch of the ‘Protein Report Card’ by the Right To Protein initiative is a direct result of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recommendations of introducing nutrition report cards to increase awareness in India.
Prime Minister Modi had shared this recommendation on August 30, 2020, keeping in mind the importance of focusing on quality nutritious food intake, and increasing awareness regarding this topic in the country, especially among the younger generation and students. Celebrating the National Nutrition Month, the Protein Report Card by Right To Protein is a step to address this gap of self-assessment and awareness. The Protein Report Card can be easily generated  by visiting and following the below steps:
1.    Go to the Protein-O-Meter
2.    Enter Name, Age, Weight, Height, Lifestyle, Gender & Food Preferences to calculate daily protein requirement
3.    Enter food consumption details for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner
4.    Protein-O-Meter will then calculate the protein content consumed from the entered food items
5.    Users can auto-download a customized Protein Report Card graded basis food consumption
Alongside a detailed breakup of protein consumed, this report card will also recommend protein-rich whole foods that can be included in their daily diets to eliminate any gaps in protein consumption.

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Renowned Celebrity Nutritionist and Supporter of the Right To Protein initiative, Nmami Agarwal asserted that the focus on nutrition must be instilled early on in life - starting interventions in schools and at home and catalyzed by government efforts. “An asset like the Protein Report Card is a significant tool that citizens may use to take charge of their health and wellbeing, which is now more critical than it has ever been. It is important to increase awareness about quality food intake and embedding this value into the country’s education curriculum is a starting point towards nutrition security for India’s future generations.”
“Starting National Nutrition Month this year, the Protein Report Card will continue to reiterate the importance of focusing on monitoring our food intake and making better food choices for overall better nutrition, especially among the growing generation of India”, said Dr. Suresh Itapu, Nutraceutical Expert, Director - NutriTech India, Supporter of the Right To Protein initiative"
The Protein Report Card will help Indians monitor their protein intake and help focus on nutritious food consumption from time to time considering the fact that although protein awareness exists among citizens, there is low knowledge of protein sources which is causing poor protein consumption in Indian households (India’s Protein Paradox Study, 2020). This study also draws special attention to the responsibility of educational institutions in creating awareness among students and parents about adequate protein consumption.
Dr. Itapu added, “Such recommendations from India’s Protein Paradox study are key pillars of building a general understanding and awareness about adequate protein consumption and complete nutrition in India.”
The Right To Protein initiative has consistently stepped forward to educate the people of India about the importance of proteins for their general health, fitness, wellbeing, and immunity, which is the need of the hour when the nation continues to struggle with the pandemic. During the National Nutrition Month and beyond, the objective remains to continue bringing together like-minded institutions, academicians, professionals and individuals that can join the movement and share knowledge and expertise to drive protein India towards protein sufficiency.

About the ‘Right To Protein’ Initiative

Right To Protein is India’s first communications and consumer advocacy initiative supported by several like-minded Indians, individuals, academicians, professionals and institutions and is also supported globally. In its initial phase, the initiative is open for all Indians who would like to join and/or contribute to the initiative in any capacity including providing knowledge, technical support or as promotion partners. Further, this initiative will develop an ecosystem of professionals to drive protein awareness and debunk myths and misconceptions about protein as a critical macro-nutrient for human health. The ecosystem will also aim to improve quality and consistency of different types proteins consumed in India and thereby lead to greater protein consumption by livestock, poultry and pisciculture/aquaculture (fish & shrimp farming).
For more information, visit the and follow @righttoprotein on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram OR contact:

Right To Protein 

Sep 15, 2020

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